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It all began with the concept of a tan-through golf glove one summer day in 1995.

Since then, this innovative idea has exploded not only into golf shops nationwide but to distributors all around the world.  Our customers have been filling our emails with testimonials letting us know how much they love our gloves.  This reaction has created a demand for our fashion forward glove.


Based in Southern California, Evertan is a family operated business where you will not only find three generations of our family but our fur family members as well.  


Our family run company specializes in making unique tan-through golf gloves.  All Evertan gloves have been designed with the highest quality, combined with style and unsurpassed comfort, to create the "Perfect Glove".

The Evertan golf glove is constructed using premium cabretta leather and lycra sports mesh.  This sports mesh fiber allows the user to receive a tan, eliminating the infamous "golfer's tan".

In addition, the fabric allows up to 70% increased airflow allowing skin to stay cool & breathe unlike traditional golf gloves.  Also, Evertan gloves are up to 43% lighter than conventional golf gloves due to their construction of premium cabretta leather and lycra sports mesh while keeping up with the ever-changing fashion world.  

Evertan is continuing to develop new and innovative products for today's demanding golf market, always keeping in mind to make each product the ultimate in feel, style and performance.

With two decades in the golf industry, we have earned the respect and loyalty of our customers. See for yourself, test drive an Evertan Golf Glove and let us know what you think!



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